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Welcome to Male Bases!

Welcome to Male Bases, home to all your male base making needs. This group is for those who want to show or make bases for KISS dolls or Pixel dolls by using either, GIMP or MS Paint.


DO's and DON'Ts

DO submit. We only accept members who have at least ONE MALE base [made or used] in their gallery.

DO NOT consider a picture you sketched that you had used a base as reference for a 'used base'. Bases are like digital paper dolls you use to dress up. THEY ARE NOT references for art [and besides that the anatomy is usually a little wonky so it's not really helping you improve as an artist ^^;]

DO participate in journals. We are trying to implement more activities for the members so this group will be more than just an archive for bases.

DO NOT just say on the comment feed that you hate traced bases or that you don't know why all these naked men are here and where are the boobs. This group is for male bases and dolls so no boobs and yes, we do approve of traced bases. GET OVER IT DAMMIT.

DO send notes to the admins if you are confused or have a problem. Leave the comment feed for the praise people! :D

DO NOT leave a link to your art and expect someone to submit it for you. The admins are busy folk and some run more than one group. If you are too lazy to submit something yourself, it just won't be in the group. End of story.

DO remember to submit to the right folder [and to send us a note with the link to it if you submit wrong].

DO NOT think that this is a male art improvement or stock group. This is for [I feel redundant] MALE BASES meaning that all the characters featured here are MALE OR FLAT CHESTED females that can easily be changed to male. This will not help you improve your art. Go to the other stock groups or tutorial groups if you need help with that.

DO remember that this is the ONLY club on DA with EXCLUSIVELY male bases. So please, have fun. ;D


Folder Explanations

Featured: The best of the below listed folders[with and exception of artwork from bases]. This is closed to all but the founder and is updated once [or twice] a month.

Single Guy: One character in the picture. This also includes multiple versions of one character

Groups: a platonic couple or any amount of males in one picture. Any picture with a sexual connotation goes in the Yaoi folder.

Yaoi: sexual pictures of the male on male kind. This includes threesomes/moresomes/

Artwork From Bases: art made from either a base featured in the other folders or a male base. The completed work must be male as well. Hair and/or clothes added to a picture is considered 'Artwork'

Comic Pages: bases for comic/manga pages

Pixel/KISS: bases used to make pixel or KISS dolls. all characters in the set MUST be male. No females in the set.

Tutorial: tutorials used for making or using bases. tutorial must be made with male bases or be about adopting a female base to become a male one.

Collabs Open Collabs that feature all males. Closed/completed collabs goes in the artwork from bases folder.

Any other questions please note the group and an admin will get back to you.



We only affiliate with pixel dolling/base groups. Just send a request and we will either approve or deny it. Please do NOT ask on the comment feed. Just send a note.

Gallery Folders

Base Edits
On my account, :iconbritishcyborg-69: Here's the journal entry for the rules 'n shtuff…
You guys were complaining about me posting unrelated journal entries, so here you fucking go. XD

So, while watching Toonami last night, I decided to look up yaoi again, and I did so this morning, too. I have at least 69 pictures (no joke, in my folder exclusive to Hetalia yaoi, there's 69 pictures XDDDD).

I'll be uploading some of my new bases on my other account, :iconbritishcyborg-69: , and they're all going to be yaoi for the most part, so if you don't like it.... :iconshrugsplz:
More Journal Entries


these are the lovely admins of the group. obey them and show some love. ^^






haven't found what you were looking for? here are our partners. ^^


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Kuroiseki Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014

Still posting 3D works of men that are CLEARLY NOT bases into the group
onii-chans1favorite Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
c= i loves all ur bases~
TRVartwork Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I made a punch base ----->
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Cottonee7 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
Thank god for this group, people make too many female bases. =_=
Anichhik Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
"No Boobs Allowed"

But what about that banned episode of Pokemon where James had inflatable boobs?
Scootie-chan Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"Anything that you put time/energy/effort into is art to us no matter how crappy the end result will be."
Thank you. ^^

I recently came across a base-basher site and got myself involved in some hateful comments about using bases for my work. It made me feel really crappy about my work, especially since I used bases to learn how to draw. This really helps me. Thank you. :hug:
(1 Reply)
molly8125 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
When I Read The Whole "No Boobs Allowed" Thing The First Thing That Came To Mind Was: "WHY Y U NO LIKE BOOBS?!"
(1 Reply)
Skoryx Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha. I love your "No boobs allowed" thing

Made my day :XD:
Nullifie Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Student Artist

Affiliate? :iconnerdy-bases:
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